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Przenośnik do sortowania winogron

Przenośnik do sortowania winogron
Kod produktu: TAV 63000
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The selection tables built entirely from stainless steel AISI 304 and mounted on four wheels, two of which are fixed and two of which pivot with brakes. The tables are equipped with two vibrators of 0.3KW each, with a centrifugal force 700kg, able to move at a controlled speed using an electronic inverter. The start/stop and speed control handset is mounted on the machine.

The width of the belt is 600mm . The length of the table is 3,000mm.

Both tables can be equipped with roller units with geared motors, allowing for destemming that keeps a high percentage of grapes intact.

​On request, we can provide:• A draining section with recovery tank• Two side lanes for waste evacuation

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