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Nalewarka izobaryczna do piwa, napojów gazowanych wyposażona w kapslownicę oraz płuczkę do butelek

Nalewarka izobaryczna do piwa, napojów gazowanych wyposażona w kapslownicę oraz płuczkę do butelek
Producent: OMBF
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Nalewarka izobaryczna do piwa, cydru oraz innych napojów gazowanych. Rozlew do puszek i butelek.  Jedno urządzenie, które po zmianie odpowiednich formatów może napełniacz puszkę i butelkę. 


SEMIAUTOMATICTRIBLOCK Isobaric filler + Rinser + Capper for crown caps

The isobaric filler works fully automatically so the operator needs to perform only the loading and unloading of the bottle holding cup.
The filling valve, designed to avoid the foaming of the product, guarantees the maximum fluidity with a completely automatic leveling system.
The machine is equipped with 4 filling valves that enable filling two bottles at a time, so, while the machine performs the filling on one side, on the other side the bottle can be unloaded and loaded.

Working cycle:
Before pre evacuation: in this first phase through the switching of the control lever pneumatic is created a depression within all 4 bottles simultaneously, by means of the first hole of the valves. This allows the suction of most of the air contained inside the bottles.
Injection Co2 or N cleaned: through the second lever switching the command opens the duct of inert gas from the cylinder to the second hole of the valves which given the greater specific weight, has the function of concentrating in part of the neck the remaining part of the air present in the bottles.

Second pre evacuation: the second pre evacuation as in the first has the same function but allows to suck the remaining part of the air present in the bottles. this second pre evacuation, allows a high level of hygiene and conservation of the product to be bottled.

Pressurization (compensates from tank to bottles): by means of the fourth lever of the pressure contained in the filler tank is moved inside the bottles Filling: By means of the mechanical action of the spring, opening the valves of the liquid thus allowing the product to flow out inside the bottles. Through the appropriate baffles, the product forms a film against the walls facilitating the outside exit of the gas contained within.
filling, ends when the product reaches the appropriate level channel (of different lengths depending on the bottles).

Degassing: By means of the pressurizing lever, positioned in the rest phase, opens the third hole of the valve allowing the gradual exit out of gas present in the bottles, in the external environment. 

The semiautomatic corker was designed for the closure of glass bottles with crown caps with diameter of 26 and/or 29mm.
The closing assembly can be used for one format of caps only, diameter 26 or diameter 29. If you use both sizes, you will be supplied with an additional format. The body of the closing head is manufactures according to the shape oft he caps and is made of hardened steel to avoid deterioration. The corker is equipped with a chute, manufactured depending on the dimensions of the caps to be processed and made of staineless steel A 304, has the function to contain a minumum reseve of caps that will be inserted into it by hand. The closing cycle consists of taking the caps from the chute and introducing it in the closing cone It is possible to install a vibration hopper to feed the caps to have more reserve of caps. The closing cycle is operated by pressing the two buttons at the same time, in compliance with the CE regulations
The bottle is position on the holding cup and, after starting the cycle, the corking head descend on the bottle deforming the crown cap on it.
The corking column returns automatically to its start position, so that the bottle can be removed and a new one can be put on the holding cup.

The machines are completely manufactured of stainless steel, a material with high compatibility with food products and easy to be cleaned.
Some parts are made of plastic material or rubber, also these materials are certified for food usage or compatible with that use, the panels at the entrance to the working zone are of shock-resistant or high-resistance transparent material, which allows the operator controlling the working process.

Average Throughput: 300-400 bottles/h (with optimal conditions)
Type of bottle: glass
H from 240 to 370 mm. +/- 5
D from 70 to 115 mm. +/- 2
Size: 137X66 x173H cm

Air feed pressure (Bars): 6
Air consumption at 6 bars (L/sec.): 0.30
Pressure of product in tank: from 3 to 3,5 Bar
Filling valves: 4

Crowner for crown corks
Cork type: crown (diameters 26 or 29)
Cork channel (15 pc. capacity): Standard
Automatic cork loader (vibration powered): Optional

 1 set of size parts for one format of glass bottles Additional formats will be calculated separately.
 1 operation and maintenance manual. We will supply the standard OMBF documentation in Italian, English, French, or Spanish. Other translations and/or customizations are not included in the price and will be offered separately.
 Safety guards in compliance to the EC regulations
 Set of first intervention wrenches
 Certification of conformity compliant to the EC regulations

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