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Zbiornik transportowy RCN Round Containers, IBC

Zbiornik transportowy RCN Round Containers, IBC
Producent: SCHAFER Container Systems
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Reusable stainless steel container solutions for liquids

 Chemicals/Petrochemicals
 Waste disposal/Recycling
 Food industry
 Paints/Lacquers
 Plant engineering

Tank material
 Stainless steel 1.4301(304) / 1.4404(316L) / 1.4571(316Ti)

Wall thicknesses
 2.0 mm or 2.5 mm for the top section, shell and hopper

 DN 400 or DN 457 in the top section, with screwed cover and eyebolts or tension ring

 According to customer requirements and/or application

Transport frame
 Galvanised or stainless steel, painted on request, suitab le for handling with forklift vehicles, cranes, stackable

 Safety-valve (pressure relief at 0.65 bar at the latest)
and aeration vents in the top section
 Outlet with ball-valve or butterfly-valve and either a tanker
coupling, camlock coupling or sealing cap
 Stacking frame, multiple stackable

Metal intermediate bulk container (IBC), code 31A, for land and sea transport of hazardous liquid materials of packaging
groups II and III, max. density of the filling goods is 2.0 kg/l. The design fulfils the test requirements for IBCs for the transport
of dangerous materials contained in the following international standards:

 European Agreement on the International Carriage of
Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR)

 Regulations for the International Carriage of

Dangerous Goods by Rail (RID)
 International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code (IMDG Code)
 United Nations Recommendations on the transport of dangerous goods (UN)

 Stirring device
 Insulation
 Liquid level measurement
 Internal anti-corrosion coating
 Cleaning systems

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