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Zbiornik transportowy stożkowy BSIF, IBC

Zbiornik transportowy stożkowy BSIF, IBC
Producent: SCHAFER Container Systems    Kod produktu: BSIF
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Stainless steel Silo container BSIF.  The IBC with funnel outlet for liquids

A tank made of 100 % stainless steel, the funnelled outlet with a 30° / 45° an slope angle, as well as a stackable frame of galvanised or stainless steel and seals individually geared to customer requirements are the characterising features of this IBC. The container is especially suited to paste-like filling materials with densities of up to 1.83 kg/l and is available in volumes of 500 - 1000 litres. Whether for production, transport or storage, the Silo container can be deployed flexibly.

Application examples: chemicals, petro-chemicals, waste disposal, recycling, food industry, paints and lacquers, plant construction

IBC features

  • 100 % stainless steel tank
  • Individual transport frame
  • Wall thicknesses 2.0 / 2.5 mm
  • Manhole DN 400 / DN 457
  • Screw-down cover or tension ring
  • Hopper slope angle 30 / 45 °
  • Overpressure safety valve
  • Ball valve, butterfly stop valve, disc valve


BSIF tabel

Dane techniczne
Materiał : Stal nierdzewna (INOX)
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