Agregat chłodzący (wytwornica wody lodowej, chiller) do piwa, wina oraz destylatów alkoholowych MCK

Kod produktu: Chilly MCK 50 / 90 /110 / 141 / 181
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The water chiller MCK consists of a cooling unit in the upper part and a pump plus isolated water tank (made of stainless steel) in the lower zobacz pełny opis
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MCK 141 75 001 60 976 Dostawa w ciągu 30 dni
MCK 181 83 917 68 225 Dostawa w ciągu 30 dni
MCK 221 98 603 80 165 Dostawa w ciągu 30 dni
MCK 271 111 720 90 829 Dostawa w ciągu 30 dni
MCK 321 120 630 98 073 Dostawa w ciągu 30 dni
Cena brutto: 75 001
Cena netto: 60 976

The water chiller MCK consists of a cooling unit in the upper part and a pump plus isolated water tank (made of stainless steel) in the lower section. The unit is conveniently constructed from a frame with removable side panels, allowing easy access to the inner components. The ventilator is assembled at the top part of the unit blowing the warm air upwards.

The new generation of MCK units is equipped with high efficiency micro-channel condenser which allows for a very compact framework. The unit models 50 -181 are mobile on wheels. The larger units are standing on four corner-feet in standard. Wheels for large units are provided as option. All MCK units are equipped with an electric heating rod. The MCK functions fully automatically and requires no supervision.

The cooling and heating units MCK are available in twelve different models, the range of performance is between 6,2 and 71,3 kW. Larger units with higher capacity up to 285kW and units with different voltage levels can be built to order.

With this wide range, the MCK series present the ideal solution for medium sizes operations, which require heating as well as cooling, and for which compact build, simple installation and high-quality are of value. Every vintner, brewer, cider producer etc. can choose the unit that best suites his capacity requirements.



  • Cooling water temperature range from -10°C to +40°C (from 14°F to 104°F)
  • Ambient temperature range from +10°C to +32°C (from 50°F to 89,6°F)
  • Stainless steel frame with painted front board
  • Highly efficient micro-channel condenser
  • Integrated electric heating rod


  • Cooling and heating of must, wine, beer and other liquids such as cider, carbonated soft-drinks, distillates etc.
  • Fermentation temperature control
  • Tartaric stabilisation of wines and biological reduction of acids
  • Cool storage of wine until bottling
  • Maturation of young beer
  • Cooling and stabilisation of distillates
  • Room temperating of halls and storage rooms - only possible with additional fan coils


  • Available in twelve sizes: MCK 50 / 90 /110 / 141 / 181 / 221 / 271 / 321 / 361 / 441 / 541 / 641
  • Cooling capacity: 6,2 - 71,3 kW (8,31 - 95,61 HP)
  • Refrigerant: R410A
  • Electric connections: 400V/3Ph/50Hz (other options by inquiry).


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